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Sunday worship times at Trinity Lutheran Church of New Era Michigan

Sunday Scripture Readings at Trinity Lutheran Church

May 21, 2017

Sixth Sunday of Easter

Acts 17:22-31

I Peter 3:13-22

John 14:15-21

Questions for Reflection:
According to the psalmist, God brought the people through trials, tests, burdens, and pain to a spacious place of life, breath, and salvation.  God heard their prayers and opened them to deliverance.  Where have you felt such a spacious place?  What story do you tell of the ways that God is blessing you?  What story does your faith community tell of the ways in which God is blessing them? 

Morning Prayer:
I give thanks for the gift of life and breath that is mine today in Christ.  Make me eager to do good and to resist evil, and grant me the wisdom to recognize the difference.  Fill me with your assurance in all I say and do that I may share the hope that is within me in gentleness and reverence of Christ.    Amen.

Evening Prayer:
O God, in whom I live and move and have my being, you hear me when I cry and listen to my prayer; you set my feet on steady ground, you never leave me alone.  As I rest in you tonight, sanctify my heart in Christ, and fill me with your strength, that I may rise to love and serve you and greet another day.   Amen.


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