Trinity Lutheran Church of New Era Michigan
5631 W. Stony Lake Road
New Era, Michigan  49446
Phone: 231-861-4059
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Sunday worship times at Trinity Lutheran Church of New Era Michigan

Sunday Scripture Readings at Trinity Lutheran Church

April 23, 2017

Second Sunday of Easter

Acts 2:14a, 22-32

I Peter 1:3-9

John 20:19-31

Question for Reflection:
According to the gospel, Christ's wounds were not erased by the resurrection.  In fact, he invited Thomas and the other disciples to touch his wounds to bring the disciples back to faith.  How might we in the church use our wounds to help others come to faith?

Morning Prayer:
Holy One, you have made known to me the ways of life and have promised to fill me with the gladness of your presence.  Keep me mindful of your guidance and your promise as I travel through this day, that my heart may be glad.  Amen.

Evening Prayer:
Thank you, Lord, for giving me your counsel today.  Tonight, as I sleep, may the dreams of my heart also serve to instruct me in your ways.  In you I have a good heritage, and my heart, my soul, and my body rest in you.  Amen.


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