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Faith in Our Future Updates
Trinity Lutheran Church New Era MI Altar Project
Click on the above link to see a short video how the original timbers from Trinity Lutheran Church are repurposed for the new sanctuary.
2Faith in our future, construction updates and news

February 15, 2015

progress has been made again this week with painting of the Narthex walls completed and painting of the doors to the offices and bathrooms also receiving a new coat of paint to match the color scheme in the new sanctuary.  Priming of the remodeled area in the basement and the doors is being worked on.  Most of the window sills have been installed in the basement except for a few where the furring had to be changed so that wider sills are now required, but the sills had been ordered and completed some time ago.  Sills to the new dimensions are now on order and will be installed when the granite countertops are installed after all of the painting is complete.  The countertops and sinks on the cabinets in the basement kitchenette and snack areas were installed this week as well as the vinyl flooring in the quilters area.  The hardwood tops on the half wall leading into the cry room and on the sound booth were installed this week also.

Progress was made on a number of things that are not so apparent  such as the low voltage wire for controlling the lights, sound system, and bell ringer which were run from the electrical room in the north end of the new sanctuary into the control booth in the south end of the new sanctuary;  most of the new exit lights have been installed along with most of the stand alone emergency lights;  the hot water heater was plumbed back into the water system and the water supply lines were run to the new coffee area;  the air conditioning individual units have all been installed in the new sanctuary and now the wall sconces can be installed without chances of damage from working on the air conditioning units above them;  the small pendant ceiling lights were installed in the entry to the new sanctuary and the mounting brackets for the large pendant lights in the sanctuary are now all in place ready for installation of the lights themselves;  and finally installation of the in floor heating tracks is underway on the chancel and sacristy.


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